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Beijing Tour in China in December, 2008


Tips (小錦囊)

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Date (日期): 21/12/08 ~ 27/12/08 (7 Days)
Tour Fee (團費): HK$1599 + HK$420 (Escort Fee)
Exchange Rate (兌換率): 1 HK$ ~ 0.86 RMB
Spending Money each day(每日洗費): No. (沒有)
Price of Water (飲用水價錢): RMB $1~ $2
Night Life (夜生活): 1 晚王府井大街、1晚 奧林匹克公園、1晚簋街 (1 night at Wangfujing Street, 1 night at Olympic Green and and 1 night at Food Street)
Souvenir (特產): 蜜餞、糧果 (Wenzhou Lighter and Dragon Bear Candy)
Tourist Guide: Miss Wendy and
Tour Escort: Mr. Roy Lam (Tel. No.: 62260230 or 15017619820)
Extra Attraction (加遊景點): 功夫表演和三輪車日遊什刹海的啤酒街和四合院 RMB $350.00
  Kungfu Show and Day-traveling of Chinese Courtyard and Beer Street at Shichahai by Tricycle
On the Whole (整體感覺):  

Have A Nice Trip !    祝君旅途愉快 !

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